How to create custom search tabs

With V5 of the platform, we've added the ability to create custom tabs to go along with the preset tabs that already exist.

The video below

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Pre-Populating Custom Meta using Uploader

 We've added the ability to add custom Text, and Drop Down fields to the default Platform uploader. These fields will populate the Metadata fields

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Media Moderation: Video

Welcome to the Media Overview page. Check out our introductory video to learn how to moderate media and publish your

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Media Page Settings & View

You can set your preferences for how lists are displayed on various pages in Media Factory. Always look for the gear wheel on the

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Media Search

The Media Overview page includes Search filters and sort options. These can be located along the right-rail and will prove helpful in

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Supported Filetypes

The New Spark Platform transcoder accepts just about anything you can throw at it. We strive to support all consumer devices and myriad

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Assign Media to a Different User

A media item is owned by one user account at a time. If you wish, you can reassign any media item from one user to another. 


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Download Media

Download Media Factory files directly to your computer. To download the original file:

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Embed Media

All media imported to New Spark Platform can be embedded on your website once it has been successfully transcoded by our

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Video Thumbnails

This feature only applies to videos. You can choose a frame in your video to use as the thumbnail image that will be displayed

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Metadata and Tags

Media metadata is information associated with a media file submission, and can be added automatically or manually. Any custom fields added to

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XMP, IPTC, and EXIF Data

View EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata associated with an entry, right on the media detail

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Votes and Views

Check out the number of views or votes a media item has received. You can do this a few ways: from the Media Overview page,

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