Project Settings

Use the Project Settings page to configure key project and vote settings.

Note: To access this page you need administrator-level permissions. Notify your Project Manager if you need access and do not have it.

To access Project Settings from the top navigation, select Settings > Project Settings.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory, but it is important that you are aware of the following:

  • Media moderation email templates are channel specific. In the Navigation bar, select  Media > Channels, select a channel and choose the Approved or Denied moderation email template.  
  • By default, ( or,, if you are using an EU, AU, or CA instance of New Spark Platform) will be used as the base domain for serving media files. If you're using a CDN and it's setup to use as an origin you can use this setting to automatically change the base domain. Don't forget to end this URL with a slash. If you are unsure which "instance" your project is being hosted on, simply email your New Spark contact or support.


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