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The Media Overview page includes Search filters and sort options. These can be located along the right-rail and will prove helpful in narrowing down your search results. 

Searching for Media

You can search for a media item using a word, I.D. number, or tag. Note: the search only accepts one word at a time. For example, if the name of the media item is "Apple Pies for Sale", your search will yield a result for that item by using "Apple", "Pies", "For", or "Sale". If the name is separated by periods or underscores such as or Hello_World, the search engine treats it as one word.

To search for media:

  1. Use the top navigation bar and select Media
  2. On the Media Overview page, filter your media search by moderation status. For example, click Unmoderated, Approved, or Denied etc.
  3. On the left-rail, set your desired date-range, file type, and category
  4. In the Search field, type the key word, or I.D number for the item you want to search
  5. Click "Search"

The results will appear on the right.

Note: You can collapse the Search box using the arrow in the top right hand corner. When collapsed only the search field and the Search button are displayed.


Sorting Media

In addition to searching for media and filtering it, you can also sort it. For example, you could filter media so that only image file types appear and then sort the media so that images appear in descending alphabetical order (Z-A). You would do this if you were looking for an image file type that had a name starting with the letter Y, for example.

To sort media:

  1. Use the top navigation to select Media.
  2. On the Media Overview page, select the container in which you want to find media. For example, click Unmoderated, Approved, or Denied etc.
  3. From the Sort drop-down list, select a sort order
  4. Hit "Search"

Note: When you display media in list view as shown in the above screenshot, depending on the type of sort you select an arrow may appear in the column heading. The arrow indicates whether the media is sorted in ascending or descending order. In the above screenshot, the media is sorted by title name in descending order and so the arrow in the Title column is pointing down.


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