FTP out of New Spark Platform

You can push media to an automated broadcast server or other server via FTP/SFTP/S3 with various workflows.

First, you will need to create a new Transfer Profile in Media Factory.

  • On the main navigation bar, select Settings > Transfers

  • Click 'New'. You should see the form below:

  • In addition to naming this new transfer profile, you'll need to specify transfer type and manifest type. What type of XML do you wish sent along with the files? The XML file will be the same filename as the media being transferred. For example 123456.mp4 and 123456.xml
  • None: No XML will be sent with the file
  • Brightcove: An XML file in the format of a Brightcove Batch Manifest will be sent. For more information, see Brightcove's Batch Provisioning Reference and a sample below
  • media.getFileInfo: An XML file in the format of media.getFileInfo response will be sent with the file


Note: This field cannot be switched after profile is created


  • When you click 'Create', the configuration form appears:


Setting Description
Hostname The hostname (URL) of the FTP server
Username The username of the FTP account
Password The password of the FTP account
Directory The destination directory on the FTP server
Trigger Event When the media should be transferred:
  • Manual:A file will be transferred only when the FTP Upload button is clicked on the Media Detail page in Media Factory
  • Automatic:All files will be transferred immediately once they have arrived in Media Factory.
  • Approval:A file will be transferred only when the Approve button is clicked on the Media Detail page in Media Factory
Filetype The type of files you want to send: all, images, video and audio
Conversion ID The original or the Media Factory transcoded file that will that will be transferred

The email address to send success and failure messages


Note: Regardless of what type of trigger event is chosen, you can always manually push files to the FTP server by accessing the photo or video from the Media Details page in Media Factory and clicking "Transfer To..." on the left-hand side under Tools.

The default trigger event can also be overridden in Channel settings. Channel settings are automatically configured to employ the default trigger (set in transfer profile). However, you can select a unique trigger for any channel that will override that of the transfer profile you have set up.


Example Brightcove Manifest

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<publisher-upload-manifest publisher-id="{$publisherID}" preparer="Filemobile" report-success="true">
  <notify email="email@example.com" />
  <callback entity-url="www.filemobile.com/services/brightcovecallback"/>
  <asset filename="123456.mp4"
      encode-multiple="true" />
  <title name="the title of the file"
  <short-description>My short description.</short-description>
  <long-description>My long description.</long-description>


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