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Anyone who has registered through widgets and applications can be found in the Community Members database on Media Factory. There are filters you can use to help you narrow your search and locate specific users.

Searching for Users

You can search for a user using first name, last name, user ID, or email address. However, it is important to note the search only accepts one word at a time. For example, if you search for Bill Nye you will get no results. Even if Bill Nye is a legitimate user. You will get results if you search "Bill" or "Nye". The easiest way to search for a user is to use their email address or unique user ID.

To search for a user:

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Community > Members
  2. On the Members page, locate the Search tool on the left. Type one of the keywords mentioned above. Use whichever filters and sort order you prefer
  3. To display inactive users, click the 'Show inactive users' check box
  4. Click the Search button to view the results

The results appear on the right under "Members"

Note: You can collapse the Search box using the arrow in the top right hand corner. When collapsed only the search field and the Search button are displayed


Filtering Users

Use the Group drop-down to restrict your search results to users who belong to a certain group

To filter users:

  1. From the Members page, select an item from the All Groups drop-down list
  2. To display inactive users, click the 'Show inactive users' check box

  3. Click Search


Selecting User Information to Display

On the Members page, you can select the user information you would like to see. Depending on the column headings you choose, you can change the order in which the users are displayed. For example, if you select the Joined header, you can sort the users in ascending or descending order by the date they registered

To select user information to display:

  1. From the Members page, click the gear-wheel located to the far right and check the boxes for the display columns you'd like shown
  2. Click 'save'


Sorting Users

To sort users:


  1. From the Members page, click on the 'Sort' drop-down list to select an item
  2. To display inactive users, click the Show inactive users check box
  3. Click Search

Note: When you display users in list view as shown in the above screenshot, depending on the type of sort you select, an arrow may appear in the column heading. The arrow indicates whether the users are sorted in ascending or descending order. In the above screenshot, the users are sorted by email in descending order and so the arrow in the Email column is pointing down.


Editing User Information

All of the information collected upon registration will be stored on the users's "Member detail" page. You can edit and update this information at any time.


  • Usernames and user IDs cannot be changed once set

To edit personal information:

  1. Start on the Community > Members page
  2. From the Members page, double-click on a user to get to their Member detail page
  3. On the Members Details page, click the Personal Info button located on the far right

  4. Update the user’s personal information

  5. Click Update


Editing Extended Information

To edit extended information select the "Extended info' button located to the far right of the member detail page

Modify the user’s personal information, and click 'Update' once you're happy with the changes


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