Pre-Populating Custom Meta using Uploader

 We've added the ability to add custom Text, and Drop Down fields to the default Platform uploader. These fields will populate the Metadata fields of the piece of media on uploading, saving you time from having to do this post upload. As you can see in the image below, I've added Country, Color and Photographer as custom fields. With Color being a dropdown.

To enable this new feature, click on the Wrench on the upper right and head to Project Settings, at the bottom of Projects Settings you'll see Default Meta Data.

The format of this field is crucial to what will be displayed on the upload form

Using my example above, we achieved the results using these values

All Meta fields are separated by ',' If we want to make something a drop down menu we follow the Key with a '|', and then provide a list of values that should be in the dropdown separated by '^' Here you can see that the 3 headers that area separated by , are Country, Color, and Photographer. The Color option is followed by |Red^Blue^Green, indicating that this should be a dropdown with those values, you can also include --- as a value if you want the ability for users to select none. If any assistance with this feature is needed, please email us at


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