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This documentation will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure a Gallery Widget.



STEP 1: Install Your New Gallery Widget

  • To install a Gallery, click on "Widgets" in the top navigation. By default, the My Apps tab is open. Be sure to click the "Install App" tab for a new Gallery


STEP 2: Configure Your New Widget


After installing your Gallery Widget, you will be redirected to the Widget Details page (also referred to as the widget publisher) where you can configure your widget settings

Note: For extra support, each field contains handy tool tips that elaborate on the functionality. See the example below:



Tab 1: Gallery Info

This is the first tab you will land on when opening your Widget Details page. Here is where you can edit the Name and Description of your new Gallery. The Name and Description will not appear on your live site, but it will be helpful when organizing your widgets in Media Factory.


Note: This is helpful to identify your widgets in Media Factory when there are more than one


Tab 2: Media

This is where you will determine which channel or group contents to display. If you want to include sub-categories, be sure to select "include child channels" or "include child groups" - whichever is relevant to your use-case. You also have the option of controlling whether or not unmoderated content will be displayed.

Channel Filter: Only media from this channel will be displayed in the Gallery. Visit the channel manager to create channels. If Uploading is enabled, media will be uploaded to this channel. For more information on creating a new channel, please visit the Channels Documentation

Group Filter: Only media from this group will be displayed in the Gallery. Visit the group manager to create groups. If Uploading is enabled, uploaded media will belong to this group. For more information on creating new groups, please visit the Groups Documentation


Tab 3: Settings

Your audience can decide to share gallery links on their favorite social media platforms. The settings tab on the widget publisher is where you decide which options are available to front end users.

If you have a Google Analytics account, plug in your UA code here to track media views and stats


Tab 4: Uploading

If you want to display the gallery as a stand-alone widget, there's no need to link it to an uploader. Alternatively, if you want your audience to be able to upload straight from viewing the gallery, then you'll want to enable that feature and link it to an existing upload widget. Keep in mind that the uploader you select should not already be linked to another gallery.


If you want audience members to be able to vote on entires, simply enable the "gallery has voting" check box

Vote Settings

Configure vote settings on the Project Settings page in Media Factory. You can do this step later once your widget is all set up. Once your Gallery widget has been configured, go to Settings > Project Settings and select the "Voting Settings" tab. In the image below you can see what the voting settings page will look like as well as the vote options available to you:

Note: Enabling voting and uploading on your gallery will activate the vote and upload buttons that appear on your widget




Tab 5: Design


Customize the look and feel of your gallery using the design tab. Set your thumbnail grid, colours, and font. 


STEP 3: Embed Your Gallery Widget

Tab 4: Embed

This is where you will find your embed code. Paste the embed code onto your site where it will render in an iFrame. It is built to be fluid and so it will fill up the width and height of the div/page you paste this code into. 



STEP 4: Reuse Your Gallery


Reusing a Gallery Widget is helpful when you require more than one gallery with the exact same settings and/or design. If you are planning on using one Gallery on multiple pages with different content, here is a simple way you can change the group without having to create an entirely new Gallery:


  1. Create a new group as shown in Step 2
  2. Copy the new Group ID
  3. In your Gallery embed code, add the new Group ID to override the group filter in the widget settings
  4. Copy and paste the new embed code with the new Group ID into your site. This setting will override the widget publisher setting


Note: This can be done with all of the Optional Variables seen in the embed code


How can I change the “Vote” button, to “Like”?


If you are not collecting votes on your Gallery Widget, and you want to include a ‘Like’ button, you simply have to change the wording from “Vote” to “Like”. Here’s how:

  1. In the navigation bar, go to Applications
  2. Select the Gallery Widget you want to edit
  3. Under Sections, select Translation
  4. Under Categories, select entry
  5. Under Keyword, find 'vote' and edit the text under the English and/or French column
  6. Hit save


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