Configure CDN

Media Factory provides storage by default on it's own infrastructure, through a combination of private a data center and Amazon S3. It's possible however, to configure Media Factory to use your own infrastructure for media storage and delivery.

How media delivery works

By default Media Factory uses two domains for media delivery. The first domain gets all the HTTP requests first, logs a time-stamped hit (view) in the database, and then redirects to the actual storage URL.

Currently Media Factory uses as a redirector, and as the storage domain. It should be noted that it is never recommended to hard-code these urls in your applications, but instead retrieve them from web services.

For more information on this topic, please see Retrieve Files with Web Services.

Content delivery networks

It is relatively easy to setup most CDNs for Filemobile media delivery. Keep the following information in mind:

  • You'll need a dedicated (new) domain name for your media delivery. (Ex:
  • You'll need to configure as the origin server.

After configuration of your CDN is complete, you must change the Storage domain name in the Settings > Project settings menu in Media Factory. Once configured, all requests to publicUrl will no longer be redirected to the default thumbUrl (, but to


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