File Status

After a file is uploaded, it is not instantly ready for usage. Every media file (with the exception of text files) are placed in the transcoder queue. Depending on the size and type of the file and how busy the transcoder is, it can take from one second up to a few minutes for files to be ready.

A file's status is indicated by a status number:

Status codeNameDescription
0UploadingThe file is currently being uploaded. Occasionally files that are cancelled or failed during the upload process will stay on this status.
1QueuedThe file currently queued for transcoding.
2ConvertingThe file is being transcoded or being moved from the transcode servers to storage servers.
3ConvertedThe file is transcoded, and ready to be used.
4FailedSometimes a file could not be transcoded. Common reasons are aborted uploads and unsupported file types (.exe, .doc, etc…).

There are additional codes that identify whether the file is trashed or deleted combined with the transcoding status:

Status codeDescription
100Trashed (any trashed status)
101Trashed while uploading
102Trashed while queued for conversion
103Trashed while converting
104Trashed after successful conversion
105Trashed after failed conversion
200Deleted (any deleted status)
201Deleted while uploading
202Deleted while queued for conversion
203Deleted while converting
204Deleted after successful conversion
205Deleted after failed conversion


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