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Email Uploads

Give your users the ability to email in their submissions. Use the email subject line and body text to say something about the entry. See the email submission format below

  • Subject of email = title of media Item
  • Body of email = description of media Item
  • Attachment = media entry


In a few simple steps, you can set up your project to receive submissions made via email attachments!


Decide on a branded email alias and domain you want to use for your campaign (such as Set up email forwarding to server. This is an advanced technological configuration done on your email server and will require the support of your tech team. If you still have questions about this, email your New Spark Project Manager or Support contact. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of this article to read about a quick and easy way to get started.


Decide whether you want users to email into a group or channel

How to Upload Media Items to a Channel via Email

    1. Using the top nav, go to Media > Channels
    2. Select the channel you would like the emailed media items to go to
    3. In the form field "Email address" on the Channel detail page, enter the campaign email address
    4. Hit "Save"

    Any media items included in an email to that address will upload directly to the channel. Note: Do NOT add the same email address to more than one channel since media can only be assigned to one channel at a time.


    How to Upload Media Items to a Group via Email

    1. Using the top nav, go to Community > Groups
    2. Select a group you would like the media items to go to
    3. On the Email tab, you'll see a form field where you can enter your information. Again, enter your campaign email address
    4. Hit "Save"

    Any media items sent to that email will upload directly to the group. Note: You can use the same email address for multiple groups.


    For those of you who aren't concerned with using a branded campaign email, the setup is even easier! Simply use our platform domain ( with your own unique email alias. Be sure to pick a name that isn't already in use that's unique to you. For example:
















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