Learn how to create channels, events, groups and collections, as well as how to use each to organize your users and content.

Backing Up and Restoring

It is recommended that you maintain two applications in each project: a live application and a staging application. The staging application is only used for testing purposes and the live application is linked to the live URL.

Note: The staging application is usually in the format of staging.applicationame.projects.fm.

Backing Up Applications

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Creating and Editing Custom Transcoder profiles

Transcoder profiles allow you to export or display user media in custom sizes, formats and quality.

Three sections of Media Factory play a part in creating and implementing new transcoder profiles:

  1. Creating a new transcoder: Settings>Media Transcoder
  2. Seeing the new transcoder profile: Media>Media> Select a Media item>Embed read more »
Editing registration form

You can edit fields in a form to be required or optional. Also, using Media Factory, you can add or remove fields.

To removing pre-existing fields:

  1. In the Navigation bar, select Applications>Applications.
  2. On the read more »
Forms of Documentation

Developer Documentation:

This is an excellent resource for documentation about the platform:


Platform Status:

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Providing/Implementing Graphics

Graphics are generally provided by a client or a third-party agency. Depending of the Statement of Work, the client or the third party can provide a PSD with the graphics for Filemobile to implement or they can implement them.

Dimensions and instructions are found here:

  1. Design section of the read more »
Setting up and configuring Google Maps

If you implement the Google Maps tool, your website users will be able to share their location and the location of their submissions on an interactive map.

Note: You can customize Google Maps, if necessary ;however, you should discussit with your Account Manager from Filemobile.

To setting up Google Maps API:

  1. Go to the read more »