New Spark Media Platform Help

How to create and edit user accounts, groups, and events.

Assign Media to a Different User

A media item is owned by one user account at a time. If you wish, you can reassign any media item from one user to another. 

To move media to a different user:

  1. You will need to know the unique user ID for the person you wish to grant media ownership
  2. Using the top navigation, click Community > Members
  3. On the Members page, read more »
Disable Users

You may find that you need to remove or block a user. While the account will always remain on the Media Factory back end system, you can revoke their account privileges, effectively denying them access to widgets and applications. This will prevent problematic users from being able to log in.

To disable users:

    read more »
Finding and Editing User Information
On the Members page, you could potentially have to sort through hundreds of users. There are three features you can use to help locate a specific user in which you are interested. You can search for users, filter users, or sort them.

Searching for Users

You can search for a user using a key term; however, the search read more »

Managing Events

You can create and organize events that will appear on your website. Your website users can also own and modify events.

In Media Factory events are similar to groups. The main difference between a group and event is that events have start and end dates. Also, you can use Media Factory to add members to groups. You can’t do the same for events; however, when website users read more »

Managing Groups

Unlike Channels which are meant for your internal content organizational structure, Groups are used to categorize your content for your public facing audience. A group is like a super hashtag with additional business rules that you can leverage. Content can exist in multiple groups, and Groups are also searchable, filterable, support custom metadata, can be moderated, can be nested, and you read more »

The 2 Types of User Accounts

It is important to understand the difference between Media Factory users (staff from your organization who have access to the platform back end), and front-end users of your campaign or project (your UGC contributors and audience). 

Front-End Users

Front-end users must register via the application or widget in order to gain read more »