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FTP into New Spark Media Platform

STEP 1: Acquire an FTP Client

Install an FTP client if you don't have one already (Filezilla, Cyberduck, etc.).

STEP 2: Connect

Establish your Host (server) connection to our Platform server 

  • The protocol will be FTP
  • Encryption: Use plain FTP
  • Logon type: normal

STEP 3: Configure

In the login fields, username and password should be the same credentials you use to log in to The Platform


STEP 4: Create a Path

Remote Directory - The remote directory will get you into your Platform account (vhost) as well as into the proper group and channel



The remote directory for Cyberduck will look like the image below.


See in the example how vhost 1263 is being used. I have specified which channel I want my files to be uploaded into by using the channel ID 26185 in the default remote directory. If you wanted to add files to a group instead, it would look something like this: /1263/groups/429727. If you want your media in the root of your vhost, then you don't need to specify a channel or group. The channel or group can always be set manually in The Platform at a later date.

STEP 5: Drag and Drop

Once you are logged in to The Platform, you should be able to see the vhost and channels/groups you have access to. From here, you can drag and drop files into the respective folder to be transferred to The Platform. Below is how this will look in Filezilla.


Below is an example from Cyberduck


STEP 6: Success!

Your files should now be transferred. Log in to The Platform and find your most recent uploads in the unmoderated media section

Summarization of data you will need:

  • Host:
  • Vhost: your own unique vhost ID ( example: 1263 )
  • Groups: /groups/ID#
  • Channels: /channels/ID#
  • ID#: (example: /26185/ )


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