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Editing password length

You can edit the password length and username information by editing the fmValidateForm.js.

To edit the password length:

  1. Make a .js document with the following code:
  2. Edit the password length code.
  3. Name it fmValidateForm.js‬ .
  4. In the Navigation bar, select Applications>Assets.
  5. Upload  fmValidateForm.js‬.
  6. Copy the generated Absolute URL.
  7. In the Navigation bar, select Applications>Applications.
  8. On the Applications page, select an application.
  9. On the Applications page, under Sections, click Wrapper Templates.
  10. On the Wrapper Templates page, click default.
  11. Find fmValidateForm.js.

         Note: Older formvalidator.js not exchangeable.

  1. Paste the Absolute URL to the new fmValidateForm.js in assets.
  2. Click Save.


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