Information on the systems we use to store store and display data.

External Storage

The platform provides storage by default on it's own infrastructure, through a combination of a private data centre and Amazon S3. It possible however, to configure The Platform to use your own infrastructure for media storage and delivery.

If you choose to completely host your media yourself, you have the choice to set this up using the External Storage settings found under read more »

Ingest Options

New files are submitted to the Media Factory in a variety of ways.

Browser Upload

The most common method of upload is by a straight HTTP upload to the Upload Endpoint from the browser. You will need to provide a user session token and read more »

Retrieve Files with Web Services

Web services such as getFiles and getFileInfo will return two elements: publicUrl and thumbUrl.

publicUrl will first log a view (hit) in Media Factory and then redirect to the actual file in storage which is read more »