API Reference

User methods allow you display, create, remove and manipulate user accounts within New Spark Media Platform.

Confirms a users username and password, and optionally returns user information.

If returnUserInfo is set to false, this method will return the user id when the settings were correct. This method always returns false when username or password is incorrect.

If login is set to true a session will be started and the system will return a sessiontoken property in the userData struct. read more »


Get a list of blocked Users by user id

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This method/service call returns a array with the user information.

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Returns a session token for a specified user ID.

This method returns the session token for the provided user id. If the third argument is true it will also return any user data available for the account in the form of an array.

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This method returns information about the user by providing the associated session token. The return value is in the form of a array.

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This method will return the user information related to the owner of a particular mobile device. read more »

This method returns all available user information about a specific user based on the required email address. This method requires a valid email address and a vhost ID.

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Returns information about a specific user.

This method requires a username and a vhost ID.

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This will store a list of users and/or emails that will trigger a notification when the user joins the project.

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This function marks a particular user as offensive.

Note: A user can report a user as offensive once.

You can pass various optional parameters to this function, including the id of the user who reported the user as offensive and the reason why the user was reported offensive. If you wish to send an email to a particular person upon the use of this function, then you have to set the read more »