Transcoding is the direct digital-to-digital data conversion of one encoding to another, such as for movie data files or audio files.

Custom Transcoder Profiles

By default, the Media Factory transcoder will create a few standard files for read more »

Dynamic Image Resizer

This article is meant for developers, those with an understanding of HTML, and/or familiarity with New Spark application templates. read more »

File Status

After a file is uploaded, it is not instantly ready for usage. Every media file (with the exception of text files) are placed in the transcoder read more »

Letterboxing, Pillarboxing and Blur Padding


When videos don't match the desired dimensions, you can pad the video a number of ways to achieve the desired aspect read more »

Output Files

For every image, video and audio upload, the transcoder will create a few standard files. These standard files are identified by standard read more »

Supported Filetypes

The New Spark Platform transcoder accepts just about anything you can throw at it. We strive to support all consumer devices and myriad read more »

Video Encoding Guidelines

The Media Factory transcoder supports most video files. The following recommended settings will ensure the highest quality, reliability, and read more »