Editing Templates

The Media Factory CMS includes a basic template editor that uses file locking and records that last edit by time and user. The editor is accessed via the applications tab in Media Factory. The web-based editor may not provide an ideal experience for a developer working for many hours on customizing the application. If you prefer a desktop editor experience, you will need to configure WebDAV for Media Factory. The instructions can be found in the developer documentation.

Caution: Please note that WebDAV for Media Factory is beta, and while it is well used by many developers it can be unpredicatable in some configurations.

Caution: WebDAV for Media Factory does not support file locking, so be careful not to overwrite other developers if you are working in a group.

Caution: WebDAV for Media Factory does not support time and user stamping.

Tip: For in-depth template code documentation, please visit http://developer.mediafactory.fm.


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