New Spark Media Platform has the features and tools to power your UGC Contest. The following topics will help you learn more about how you can use New Spark Media Platform to get your project up and running.

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Assets are the static files that your application uses such as images, custom JavaScripts, custom CSS or anything else you might need.

There are two ways to manage your assets: the Asset Manager web interface in Media Factory and via WebDAV.

The Asset Manager can be accessed via Applications > Assets in Media read more »

Backup & Restore an Application

If you plan on making changes to an application (live or staging), we recommend you first make a backup. Inside the Application click "Backup and Restore". On this page, on the left hand side, change the filename field (something like "myappname_todaysdate" works well) and click "Download". This will download an XML file of all the templates and translations in that app. This is a great way to read more »

System Updates and Application Upgrades

The Media Factory system consists of three main components: the Media Factory CMS, Applications and the API. Each are handled differently with respect to upgrades.

Media FactoryThe back-end system, fully hosted by Filemobile. Upgrades happen read more »

All Media Factory applications consist of the following types of templates:

Wrapper templatesThe main wrapper includes the HTML file headers, meta and content to be included on every page of the site. Other wrappers can be XML, text only, read more »