All Media Factory applications consist of the following types of templates:

Wrapper templatesThe main wrapper includes the HTML file headers, meta and content to be included on every page of the site. Other wrappers can be XML, text only, HTML email, etc. All application templates are assigned a wrapper.
Application templatesThe "meat" of the application. Application templates are assigned URLs and contain the code specific to each page, for example: /home, /profile, /entry, etc. There are also sub-templates that are not assigned URLs but are instead called from within application templates with parameters using the <fm:Include> component.
CSS stylesheetsAn application can contain many stylesheets that are loaded in sequence from the global.css stylesheet by /services/cssloader which is optimized for performance cache. Tip: During development, put a copy of your stylesheet in your assets folder for quicker updates.
Email templatesSimilar to application templates, these are all the emails that the system is going to send out for you. There is more information on email templates in the developer docs.


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