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Returns a list of users based on provided parameters.


result vhost.getUserDetails ( INT vhostId, STRING startDate = NULL, STRING endDate = NULL, INT active = -1, STRING gender = 'A', INT pageIndex = 0, INT pageSize = 30, string sortBy = 'lastname', string sortOrder = 'ASC' )


NameTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
startDateSTRINGOptionalNULLCan be String ( date: 2013-01-02 ) or INT (timestamp: 1457097512 )
endDateSTRINGOptionalNULLCan be String ( date: 2013-01-02 ) or INT (timestamp: 1457097512 )
genderSTRINGOptional'A'Can be A for all, M for male and F for female


NameTypeDescriptionPossible Values
CreationDateDateThe date the user was created.YYYY-mm-dd
UsernameStringThe Username.String
ActiveINTShows whether the user is active or not1 or 0
FirstNameStringThe user's first nameany string
LastNameStringThe user's last nameany string
EmailStringThe user's Email@.com
Address1StringThe user's addressString in address format
Address2StringThe user's addressString in address format
CityStringThe user's CityString
StateStringThe user's StateString
PostalCodeStringThe user's Postal CodeString in postal code format
CountryStringThe user's countrystring
PhoneStringThe user's Phone number###-###-####
CellPhoneStringThe user's cell phone number###-###-####
GenderStringThe user's genderM or F
DateOfBirthStringThe user's Date Of BirthYYYY-mm-dd
profile_completeINTShows whether the user's profile is complete1 or 0
WebSiteStringThe user's WebSite addressstring in website format
OccupationStringThe user's Occupationstring
LatitudeStringThe Latitude of the user's geo-location1.2345567
LongitudeStringThe Longitude of the user's geo-location91.2345567
MetaDataStringThe user's MetaData as a serialized arraya:1:{s:9:"fbconnect";i:0;}
FilesINTThe number of files the user uploaded123
SendsINTThe number of times the user sent a file to someone123
UserIDINTThe user's identification number1945346
NewsletterINTShows whether the user opted in to the Newsletter or not 1 or 0
UnmoderatedFilesINTThe number of unmoderated files that the user has uploaded 123
ApprovedFilesINTThe number of approved files that the user has uploaded 123
DeniedFilesINTThe number of denied files that the user has uploaded 123

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