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The purpose of this method, is to mark the file as successfully uploaded once all the chunks for the file have been transferred

On success the status of the file will be set to 1(Queued), and a full array of the file data will be return, on failure the reason for failing will be returned.


ARRAY media.completeMultiPartUpload ( INT vhost, INT id, mixed filesize = 0 )


NameTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
vhostINTRequirednoneThe vhost ID.
idINTRequirednoneThe media id returned from createMultiPartUpload method.


This will make the upload as completed, and begin the transcoding process.

NameTypeDescriptionDefault Values
resultARRAYThis will return an array containing all the current data about the media uploaded.. string
statusBOOLWill return false, if there is a failure, otherwise true. boolean
causeSTRINGWill only return in the event of a failure with the reason. string

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