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Get the daily storage (disk usage) for a project for a specified period of time.


mixed vhost.getStorageDailySummary ( INT vhostId, Date startDate = NULL, Date endDate = NULL, INT summarizeBy = 3, INT runningTotal = false, mixed channel = NULL )


NameTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
vhostIdINTRequirednoneThe Id of the vhost.
Note: This field can be either an Integer or an Array of Integers.
startDateDateOptionalNULLThe start of the time period for the storage data.
Format: Unix timestamp or 'YYYY-MM-DD'
endDateDateOptionalNULL The end of the time period for the storage data.
Format: Unix timestamp or 'YYYY-MM-DD'
summarizeByINTOptional3 You can summarize the results by month (1), by week (2) or by day (3). Summarize by day is the default.
runningTotalINTOptionalfalseSet this to `true` to return the results as a running total (TotalStorage). Leave as false to return the storage just for that time interval (IntervalStorage).


The options array may contain the following parameters.

NameTypeDescriptionPossible Values
RealDateDateThe date for the storage value.YYYY-mm-dd
TotalStorage or IntervalStorageINTThe total storage (uploads into the project) for the day.0
IntervalNumberINTThe Unix timestamp of the start of the date range interval.Integer > -1

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