How to modify and integrate our existing PSD layouts, and how to best use our CSS and sprite graphics into your custom application design.
Other Images

There are some images that can't, or shouldn't, be added to the sprites. These include the homepage tout, gallery thumbnail backgrounds, form element background, loading icon and default thumbnail icons. You can modify these graphics as standalone images.

Download tout PSD

The Media Community can be completely customized in its layout, look and feel. However, using the guidelines found here, you can apply your branding and color scheme to the application in a relatively short amount of time. This section provides a workflow walkthrough with everything you need to personalize the creative in your community.

Most of the image assets in the application are read more »

Translating Images

If you are planning a multilingual website, you will most likely have images that are language-specific. Our recommended approach is to create two folders in assets, say "en" for English and "fr" for French. Within each of these folders, place all the images for both of the sites, maintaining the same file names for both.

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