Learn the terminology and concepts that will get you started with New Spark Media Platform


Think of collections as media playlists that can be organized manually, or automatically based on pre-set parameters. We also offer the ability to manage collections programmatically using the collections API methods.


Manual Collections

Manual collections are read more »


Location is an important aspect of the Media Factory platform and this section covers everything you need to know regarding geo-tagged content in your contest, community or other application.

While many of the concepts can be applied to using our API on your site, this document only applies to our implementation of maps in our applications.

Our products use the jQuery ui map read more »

Global System URL

This is a list of the different services and their end points on the New Spark platform.

North America

Service End Point
API Servers http(s)://api.newspark.ca
Dynamic Image read more »

Groups are used to organize media and members into flexible, customized containers. They are searchable, support custom meta-data and can be manually ordered and nested.

Media and members (users) can be placed in any number of groups. If your project is pre-moderated, you will need to approve groups before they can be made visible on the front end for users to upload into. Approve read more »

Media Callback

When dealing with New Spark Platform, there are situations where data could be modified on our servers and and you wish to be notified immediately.

There are four events within the platform that will trigger a call-back:

  • When a user rates a file
  • When a file is moderated (denied or approved)
  • When a file finishes being transcoded
  • When read more »
SSO (Single Sign-On)

Single sign-on (SSO) is a method of access control of multiple related, but independent software systems. You may use your own SSO process to access Media Factory user accounts.

Important: Due to browser security restrictions it is not possible to set cookies for a domain that does not match your own. In the following example, this domain will be clientsite.com and the New read more »

System Updates and Notifications

The Media Factory system consists of three main components: the Media Factory CMS, Applications and the API. Each are handled differently with respect to upgrades.

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Taxonomy Planning

Collections, Channels and Groups


Collections can be thought of as visual media playlists. A Saved Search collection allows you to automatically ingest content using pre-set filters you select, whereas Manual collections are completely editorial. Click read more »