System Updates and Application Upgrades

The Media Factory system consists of three main components: the Media Factory CMS, Applications and the API. Each are handled differently with respect to upgrades.

Media FactoryThe back-end system, fully hosted by Filemobile. Upgrades happen regularly and automatically following emailed release notes that are also available at the Developer Portal and Twitter. These upgrades do not affect the front-end community website.
Application - JavaScriptsOur static JS files are upgraded with bug fixes automatically and tested for backwards compatibility. Major new releases of the application use new JS files. This is rare, and implications should be discussed if a major application upgrade is requested. It is highly recommended not to download and edit our static JS files. Better to create a new JS file for your functions or submit a feature request / support from Filemobile.
Application - HTML, CSS and FMLThe front-end website, hosted by Filemobile and customized by you. We’ve made efforts to keep the application as modular as practical to simplify upgrades (ie. sub templates) but this can be challenging if the application has been heavily customized. We recommend creating a separate CSS stylesheet for your custom styles.
APIThere is one version of the API. Web services are regularly extended and are tested to ensure backwards compatibility. Changes to web services should not affect any live applications. In rare cases where an interruption may occur, we will notify you via the release notes, Media Factory email list and Twitter.


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