Media Factory 3.1.10 - October 2, 2012

Big Fixes

We resolved an issue where repositioning groups would cause the underlying group tree to become corrupt. Between the time this issue was discovered and now resolved, all users were denied the permission to reposition groups. This permission is now restored for everyone who had it previously.

The Media Factory translator module has received a major overhaul that fixes issue causing translations to disappear under certain high load situations. The interface is now completely disabled while the system is working. This prevents the user from accidentally overwriting translations and corrupting the translation table. This will also solve a problem where restoring applications would throw a translation-related error message.

For our developers, we've vastly improved how template variable errors are handled. Now, if a variable is missing, the page will continue to load and the error will be clearly presented in context of the site. Also, you can turn off these errors once your site goes live.

Media Factory

  • Bigger, brighter media thumbnails and fancy popups on Media Overview page
  • Added search, filtering and sorting to group list page
  • Enabled image resizer to use original file before conversion is complete
  • Added denied reason drop-down to moderation buttons in media list view
  • Added play button overlay and large-view popup to manual collections page
  • Added the ability to send a welcome email after confirming an activation email
  • On the member details page in Media Factory, it is now clearly stated if the user has registered with Facebook
  • Report as Offensive email is now configured in Application > Settings > Media Actions
  • Increased the character limit for the translator from 30 to 50
  • Removed a superfluous service call for note counts on media overview page, vastly improving performance in list view
  • Fixed and issue where failed files would cause collections to not load
  • Fixed several issues with FTP transfers including better handling of passwords with invalid characters and sending from media overview page
  • User meta data will now save correctly in all browsers
  • Fixed a map layout issue on group and event pages
  • Fixed a button layout issue on Project Settings page
  • Fixed the position of the delete icon on some pages
  • Fixed an issue that caused the group list drop-down on media overview page to be empty
  • Fixed an issue where the dashboard page would throw an error when the comment list included a comment from a Media Factory user with a certain type of avatar
  • Fixed an issue that caused the delete button to not appear in Firefox on the application settings page
  • Made bad grammar in crop success message more good
  • Fixed an issue where a media file was not being removed from groups, avatars or group logos when trashed or deleted
  • On the media details page, the list of groups to which the media belongs will update immediately when the media is added to a group
  • Custom PNG images can now be created from videos
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the group metadata to not appear in Chrome
  • Fixed an issue where page two of the community member list would not load because there was a member with a name containing unsupported characters

Components and Services

  • Created an <fm:CollectionList> component
  • Dynamic image resizer can now be configured to use the original image file
  • It is now possible to to register for an application with an existing email address. Configured in Application > Settings > User Actions > Register.
  • Added firstname and lastname of user to the comments data in media.getFileInfo when using returnComments=1
  • User metadata now accessible as a variable in <fm:UserList> and <fm:UserInfo> with syntax {$$user_metadata.key}
  • Added the ability to sort media by lastupdatetime
  • Added the ability to dynamically read the group metadata keys in the <fm:GroupInfo> component
  • media.getFiles now accepts a group ID as a parent and a filter of includeChildGroups=true
  • <fm:UserAvatar> now supports the argument secure=1 for https-enabled applications
  • Fixed an issue where users.getUsers was not returning proper count when active filter was applied
  • The returnUserInfo response for users.confirmCredentials now includes the user active or disabled state
  • Fixed an issue where events.getEvents would throw Permission Denied error when making a JSON request for notdenied events using JavaScript
  • Fixed an issue where <fm:DateFormat>component was rendering two date stamps
  • <fm:Truncate> now truncating correct length
  • Group metadata now available to <fm:GroupInfo> and <fm:GroupList> components
  • Added an exception to throw if register action cannot get the group ID
  • Updated docs for sorting <fm:mediaList> component