Media Factory 3.1.4 - May 23, 2012

Media Management

  • Added denied reason drop down to moderation buttons in media overview
  • Saved searches now allow filtering by group
  • Saved search: Updated text to clarify that keyword search queries all fields, not just tags
  • Added ability to send multiple files over FTP via Media Overview
  • Added the ability to specify custom file names when sending using FTP configurations
  • Added the ability to block text-only email uploads, ie. spam
  • Added the geo location data to the exportable CSV reports


  • Fixed and issue where moving a file to a new channel would throw an error
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail view in Media Factory breaks if title is null
  • Ordering no longer being ignored due to channel list caching
  • The group ID in the URL on the media page now properly reflects the group selected for filtering in the side bar
  • Fixed a issue where sub-channels were not appearing in media details page in Media Factory
  • Now escaping invalid XML characters in Brightcove manifest
  • Fixed an issue where users could sometimes not login due to usersessions not being replicated in time

Groups and Events

  • Added a map point select to group and event details pages to set geo location
  • Added geographic filtering capabilities for groups.getGroups
  • Added ability to upload directly into a group from Media Factory
  • Added ability to CC email content into a group, event and channel
  • Fixed an issue that was causing group moderation emails to not be sent
  • Fixed an issue where specifying a parent groupid and includeChildGroups=true in media.getFiles would not include media from child groups