Media Factory 3.1.3 - March 20, 2012

With this release of Media Factory, we're introducing a new feature that will make your content producer and moderator life easier.

One of the more frustrating occurrences is when one of your end users cancels their upload before it is complete. This tends to happen if users are attempting to upload very large files, or if there is no indication of activity via a progress bar. These cancelled files would have been reported as a failed file, indistinguishable from a file that is incompatible or in need of your attention.

We've done two things to address this problem. First, we've create a new status of "cancelled" and gave it a shiny new icon. Second, we've added the ability to auto-trash these files.

You should already see the new status and icon. If you wish to auto-trash these files, check the box under Project Settings in Media Factory.

Here's a list of other stuff you might find interesting:

Media Factory

  • Added ability to auto-trash cancelled uploads
  • Added ability to send multiple files over FTP via Media Overview
  • Better form validation for media transcoder profile configuration
  • Fixed some wonkiness in application URL configuration UI
  • Fixed an issue where the group list on media detail page reported incorrect number of media items

Web services and documentation

Template system

  • Avatars generated with <fm:UserAvatar> can now be pre-moderated
  • Added documentation for email templates and variables
  • Media ID is now available in the HTML header as {$}. You care because now you can populate meta tags with media-specific information like title and description using <fm:FileInfo mid="{$}">.
  • Fixed an issue where <fm:MediaList> would not let you filter by groupId AND collection. So now, you could use a single collection for all featured content spaces for example.
  • Fixed an issue where next and previous buttons wouldn't appear when browsing to a media page via a list of search results.
  • Fixed an issue where a gallery pager would behave oddly when URL has a search query
  • <fm:tagCloud> no longer returns words with fewer than 4 characters
  • <fm:Recorder> will now load the webcam recorder SWF file via SSL if the App URL is using SSL
  • Plugged security hole where <fm:UserAvatar> could show avatars of users in other vhosts