Gallery Widget V2, Upload Widget V3.0.3 - Release Notes - Jan 3, 2013

The gallery and uploader widgets work great as standalone products, but together they are a tightly integrated UGC solution.

The latest release of this dynamic duo improves producer usability and portability.

For the producer, we've reduced the effort required to re-deploy a widget. A widget can be re-assigned to a specific campaign by changing a couple simple parameters in the embed code.

In order to achieve a balance between revenue and user experience, we've rebuilt the navigation to load within the widget (not a page refresh) while adding the ability to refresh advertising on the host page.

Other stuff:


  • Fixed Facebook Login in Safari (again)
  • If the uploader is being used with a companion gallery, the user is redirected back to the gallery after uploading
  • Parent page URL is now passed through the lost password workflow, ensuring users return to the correct page after reset
  • Fixed issue where channel and group IDs not passed from login to upload page
  • Added a link "Back to Gallery" to the uploader if it is associated with a gallery
  • Fixed a case where the log out button was not working
  • Fixed issue where map is set as required even if not specified as a mandatory field
  • Fixed a browser compatibility issue where the Facebook profile pic was missing from Complete Your Registration page


  • Gallery no longer requires a full page refresh - this is now an option
  • SiteUrl now derived from the page in which the gallery is embedded
  • Added the ability for functions defined on the parent page to be called from within the Gallery iframe - now go sell some ads!
  • SiteUrl now derived from the page in which the gallery is embedded
  • Improved page load speed
  • Fixed the URL for the gallery JS in the sub_htmlheaders
  • Fixed the media tag links
  • Fixed an issue where unfiltered media would appear after the last item when clicking next button
  • Numerous Internet Explorer fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbnail image would break gallery layout if the image had been rotated in Media Factory
  • Fixed issue of thumb gallery iframe kept expanding when browsing through different pages
  • Fixed an issue where the contact form was cut off when home page upload button was used


  • Gallery V2 now available in Widget Publisher
  • Users can no longer check off "gallery has uploading" unless upload URL is populated
  • Re-architected the product to never require a new embed code when settings are changed
  • Fixed an issue where custom registration form fields could not be deleted