Media Factory 3.0.8 - December 12, 2011

This release includes some major enhancements in all areas of the Media Factory platform:

Media Factory:

Dedicated transcoders

Don't ever want to wait in line for your files to transcode again? Ask your Crowdspark sales representative about a dedicated, scalable cloud-based transcoder!


Projects can now be configured to have services return https URLs. For example, using the {$assetbase} variable will automatically return an https:// path to the templates. Also, some components such as <fm:UserAvatar> will automatically request secure URLs from 3rd party services and return the appropriate avatar path. With this configuration, any application can immediately be used in secure environments. Most notably Facebook!

Password security options can now be configured for projects. Features include requiring up to 10-character alphanumerical passwords, and lock-out after multiple failed login attempts.

External Storage

External storage options have been added to media transcoder settings. You can now specify external storage on a transcoder profile basis. For example, you might send video files to a secure streaming server while keeping image thumbnails on our storage servers.

Embed Options

The Embed Options page has received a makeover. Now all stock and custom transcoder profiles can be previewed, and the embed code generator provides a video player that automatically renders in HTML5.

Other Stuff

  • Secure vote settings are now available in Project Settings.
  • Renamed some settings for clarity and added some tooltips to Project Settings.
  • The Feeds importer section has a new UI and several bug fixes.
  • Added a Notes filter to Media Overview. Notes are like hidden comments on media. Handy for moderators, producers and contest judges.
  • Added eventID and created date to event list page.
  • Added Original File Size to media details page.

Application Templates:


Complete rewrite of <fm:UserAvatar> component. Simply specify a userID and width, and the component will return the appropriate avatar for the user. Checks for a user-uploaded avatar, then Facebook, then Gravatar, then developer-specified default gender avatar, then neutral gender, then Media Factory defaults. The system also retrieves the most appropriate size from the 3rd party service and returns it properly formatted for the page.

Other Stuff

  • <fm:GroupList> now returns publicUrl and thumbUrl the group logo if available. The URL will be https if the project has been configured for SSL (a must for Facebook).
  • First name and last name variables are now available to registration emails
  • <fm:MediaList> can now be filtered by both channel and group at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where GET variables could not read values of '0' from the URL query string.
  • Added support for uid attribute into <fm:IfInGroup> component.

Web Services:


  • Solved an IE bug where report icons were not in the right place
  • Improved UI for specifying Upload As: on Media Factory uploader
  • Date format is now correct on feed detail page.
  • Report icon is now https.
  • Video comments no longer appear as image thumbnail only in member comments section
  • Bottomless moderation: Fixed issue where comment list would not update after a page is moderated
  • Added validation to the logo image field on the Group Info page
  • Cleaned up settings and added more tool tips
  • Fixed issue in reports where channel field would have no effect in some browsers
  • The pop-up video player on Media Overview is now the Crowdspark skin
  • Fixed the comments pager on Media Details
  • Fixed a bug in Chrome where multi-line tool tips with links were obscured
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when creating an event
  • Fixed an issue where a rotated image would not appear in Media Overview
  • Solved an IE bug that prevented files being selected in Upload page
  • We now strip HTML attachments from emails which prevented Media Overview from loading properly
  • Fixed an issue where transcoding would fail when using thumb nailer
  • Fixed issue where reset password link wasn't going to the password reset page in Media Factory
  • Fixed an issue where media lists would unnecessarily include children channels
  • Added a proper error message when viewing an invalid conversion configuration ID in the media transcoder section