UGC Community 3.0.2 - Release Notes - April 30, 2012

Many of the upgrades to the community application must be done manually. For more information, visit the Community 3.0.2 Upgrade page.

  • Upgraded video player to JW 5.9.
    • HTML5 is now the default playback mode on Android Devices
    • Cleaner User Interface on iOS Devices
    • Saved Volume in HTML5 Mode
    • Other improvements listed on the developer site
    • By default the folder "latest" will have the latest version of the player
    • If you need a previous version use the folder /player/5.8/player.swf
  • New HTML headers that include latest Facebook og tags and are completely customizable
  • Facebook feed dialog is now presented by default for upload, publish and vote actions
  • New layout for media metadata area, new sharing options including Google+ and Pinterest
  • Fixed uploader behaviour after a failed attempt to upload an over-sized file
  • Fixed an issue where "View all comments" link in user profile doesn't lead to correct results page