Community 3.0.1 - March 19, 2012

Many of the upgrades to the community application must be done manually. For more information, visit the Community 3.0.1 Upgrade page.

Updates / Improvements

  • Added a map to group home pages
  • Added a collection filter for featured content on group homepage
  • Report as offensive is now in the translator
  • Much better handling where user tries to upload a file that is too big
  • Better handling of text-only uploads
  • Made images in comment feeds clickable to parent media detail
  • Added Pintrest to share icons in Community 3
  • App documentation is now in the developer portal

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where comments would not publish to Facebook
  • Fixed an issue where in some moderation configurations an error would show up behind the comment success message
  • Fixed an issue on Dashboard where user URL would not appear correctly if http:// was entered
  • Fixed an issue where the even after successful Facebook login, the XD proxy window would not close
  • Improved user experience by only prompting to complete Facebook profile when user is on upload page
  • Worked around an IE7/8 browser bug causing map marker to be off placement
  • Added US states to profile and dashboard pages
  • Application was using a sprite image from a different application - fixed
  • Fixed an issue where when the map is searched no media or users are shown until the map is dragged
  • Fixed an issue where next / previous buttons don't maintain context when arriving via pending / hidden user media search