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API Key and VHost

All API calls will require a valid API key to be passed with the request, as well as your vhost ID. Your vhost ID can be found on the Developer page using the top nav, or in the URL of any page on New Spark Platform. Simply locate the number following (?vid=). 

Step 1: Determine Your Endpoints

Be sure to use the correct endpoint for the location of New Spark Platform you are using:

Location Platform URL API End Point
North America https://platform.newspark.ca/ https://api.newspark.ca/
Europe https://eu-platform.newspark.ca/ https://eu-api.newspark.ca/

Step 2: Find your API key

Your API key can be found under the "Developer" tab of Account Info:

API KEY Screenshot

If you are unable to locate your API key, please contact support@newspark.ca to have our support team generate one, as you are unable to create your own API key.

Permission Groups

Each permission group is assigned an API key, and a permission group may have access to multiple vhosts. If you are expecting your API key to work with a specific vhost but it doesn't, or has restricted permissions, please contact support.


Step 3: Get Started!

You're all set! Once you know your end point and API key, you can check out the methods section of our developer doc portal to start using our API

Note: If you receive an error when calling an API method you will need to add your API key to the JSON function parameters using APIKEY:"thestringofyourapikeyhere".


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