Media Factory 3.1.1 Release Notes - February 14, 2012 ♥


  • Added the ability to create MP3 file (/31) from video uploads
  • Fixed issue where AVCHD anamorphic was not maintaining aspect ratio
  • Fixed issue where video duration was misreported due to bad metadata in original
  • Added docs for dynamic image resizer

Media Factory

  • Added ability to email files into groups and events
  • Added the ability to specify external storage location for each transcoder profile, including the defaults
  • Added original file size to media detail page
  • Brightcove callback now triggers our HTTP callback so we can tell your server when a video is available on Brightcove
  • Fixed uploader UI in asset manager
  • Fixed an issue where a file would be marked as failed if the notification email template failed to send
  • Fixed an issue where the email to group members was not being triggered by successful conversion
  • Removed some obsolete Facebook fields from application settings
  • Fixed an issue where the email injector would break if our email address wasn't first in the To: field
  • Fixed an issue in the Media Factory widget design panel, text fields rendered apostrophes as '


  • Added notuid filter to <fm:MediaList> to not return media for a specific user
  • Added {$loop.count} variable to <fm:MediaList> component
  • Created handy <fm:Var> and <fm:Array> components
  • Created a <fm:LogHit/> component to increment view count on a media item
  • Created a separate {$cssloader} variable in case you don't feel like using the entire {$htmlheaders} block
  • Created <fm:Truncate/> component for shortening output text
  • Fixed a problem with template error message that caused some error messages to be cut off
  • Added documentation for email templates and available vars
  • Fixed issue where a group-filtered ajax gallery pager would fail if a media item belonged to the group and its child group
  • Fixed an issue where Group ID filter ignored by <fm:MediaList> component when used with collection filter