Collections are like playlists, and have lots of uses in Media Factory applications. In order to get up and running with the Media Community application, you need to create at least one collection for featured content.

To create a collection, visit the Media > Collections section of Media Factory:

Create the "Featured" collection.

  1. Inside Media Factory, hover over "Media Manager" and click on "Collections".
  2. Click "New Collection".
  3. Fill in the name field with "Featured".
  4. Set a description and select "Saved Search".
  5. Click "Create".
  6. Set your search preferences, and click Update. The logic used in this collection will govern how the featured item is selected on the main homepage and all group home pages.
  7. The new collection should now show when you return to the list. Note the id number. You will need this for configuring Global Variables.

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